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The CryptAByte software does not store the passphrase to any messages and is not able to reveal it, even under court order or coercion.

However, we may be compelled by a court order to secretly add functionality to the website which records passphrases for some or all users.

We have three answers to this possibility:

1) In such a scenario, we promise to immediately shut down the operation of this website until and unless it can be moved to a jurisdiction where we are not forced to spy on users.

2) Furthermore, the latest source code of the code of this website will be available at GitHub and any changes which may compromise the security of the system will be marked accordingly.

3) While all server to browser communications are already encrypted, we are working on moving cryptographic operations to the user’s browser to minimize the possibility of spying or interception.

We encourage you to demand that cloud storage providers implement either our policy or anĀ NSA-sabotage dead-man’s switch.