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The CryptAByte software is free and open source. Anyone can install it on their server and use it without charge.
CryptAByte is also available as a supported service.  If you are interested in using CryptAByte for your business, the following services is available:
Dedicated CryptAByte site for your business: 
  • A custom site will be created just for your business in the Amazon Web Services Cloud.
  • The installation cost is a flat fee of $100.
  • Any additional customization or non-installation-related support is billed at $75/hour.
More details:
  • This service includes installation, but not ongoing support. (Your CryptAByte instance should run indefinitely without any maintenance and the server will auto-install security updates.)
  • You must provide your own Amazon Web Services account.  This does not require any technical knowledge – just create a new account with Amazon, provide temporary access to it, and the rest is done for you.
  • You will be billed an ongoing fee by Amazon based on the instance type you prefer.  This depends on how much usage you expect.  You can increase or decrease the size anytime.
  • Amazon offers hosting locations in the USA, Singapore, Japan, Ireland, Germany, and more. You can choose your preferred country and also to restrict access by IP address.
  • Again, there is no charge for the CryptAByte software itself, only professional support and customization.

If you would like to discuss this or other options, contact us for a quote.